The War Room

Fireproof: Take Two

the war room

So those of you who remember Fireproof was a movement that took over marriages everywhere and helped people see marriage in a different light. People began taking time for one another and actually investing in their relationship. Marriages that were falling apart found new hope and those that were pretty strong found new motivation to get stronger. Well part two is here and hitting theaters on Friday.

I’m calling all Christian married couples to make your way support this Christian film.

We will be going to Loews theater in Homestead, and if they get enough interest they’ll even move it to the front so reserved seating will be available.

We are inviting all Pittsburgh married  couples to join us to see “The War Room” at 8:50 PM at Loews theater in Homestead’s Waterfront (this time may change if interest increases).

Who’s in???

Who: Marrieds Everywhere (but Pittsburgh for those nearby)
What: The War Room
Where: Loews Theater Homestead Waterfront

When: Friday August 28, 2015 at 8:50 PM
Why: Because Your Christian Marriage Matters (and so do Christian films)

Call the theater and inquire please so they’ll see Christian films as a priority.

Your Mission If You Choose To Accept


We spend a lot of time arguing, fussing fighting and tearing one another down. Let’s take a few minutes to build our spouses up instead.


The writing of love letters is truly a lost art. Let’s face it writing period is a lost art, especially with any level of intellectual prowess. We’ve gone from inventive spelling to text speak and then we put these un-words in dictionaries. Crazy I know!

Anyhoo the focus for today is a love letter. Those of you who joined us on the 7 Day Love Challenge may have already attempted this but if not, let’s give it a shot. The love letter is a tangible piece of you. It contains your warm and fuzzy thoughts, and it’s full of positive energy.

Love letters can live on when you are gone and they leave that legacy of love I always speak of. More importantly love letters are great for picking us up when we’re down, reminding us that even in this cold cruel world, somebody out there thinks we are amazing.

So let’s get to it:

Your mission, if you choose to accept (Sorry I couldn’t resist. I still have Mission Impossible on the brain) is to write your spouse a love letter containing nothing but positive, lovey dovey, mushy, wonderfulosity!!! Yeah I said it!

The idea here is to remind your spouse why you love him/her and to share all the positives about your relationship. A good way to start is with lists. These lists are not meant to be work. They are brainstorming phrases, so don’t worry about sentence structure or grammar just jot down what comes to mind.

List everything you love about your spouse. The way she smiles, the way he clenches his jaw, the way she touches your arm when you’re walking together, the way she wears her hair, etc… Then make a list of all the things that make your spouse special. Follow up with a list of why you love him or her and close out with a list of how he/she makes you feel special, loved, admired, etc… Now that you have all of these lists surround them with sentences and voila you have a love letter. Be sure to proofread it just in case you have some crazy gobbledygook of residual brainstorming hanging around. This also assures that you are expressing exactly what you’re feeling.

Most importantly enjoy yourself while writing words of endearment to the love of your life. Realize this is your opportunity to make your spouse smile so take full advantage of it by going all out.

“Pleasant words are as an honeycomb, sweet to the soul, and health to the bones”

(Proverbs 16:24, New King James Version)

The Marriage I Want (Not the Marriage I Have)

love sign c and A

Happily Ever After Is Not a Fairytale, It’s a Choice  Fawn Weaver

So I was talking to a woman who was overly complimentary of my marriage. It was good to hear but if only she knew. She told me how my husband and I look like the perfect couple. We’re so happy together and we must wear the most amazing matching sleepwear (I know it was a little too far for me too but I had to grin and bear it).

Anyhoo, then she went on to talk about the blog and how when she reads it she just sees us doing everything it says (insert the sound of a scratched record here)!

That’s when I had to stop her. I told her “I’m so sorry to interrupt this wonderful fairy tale (especially since I was loving the fantasy too) but I write about the marriage I want, not the marriage I have”

The marriage where the house is spotless and all the cars magically have gas in them. The one where every day you wake up googly eyed just waiting to see his/her face.

The one where every hour or so you get a text that says “I love you” or “I miss you” or “girl you’re wearing that dress” (Ok I wouldn’t want my husband to say it like that but you get the point). The one where he happily answers “no” when you ask, “does this dress make me look fat” yeah that one.

We are by no means the perfect couple. As a matter of fact we struggle to put a lot of the strategies we’ve learned and share with others, into practice. It’s always easier to tell people the right way to do something than it is  to actually do it yourself. We argue fuss and fight, I am sarcastic as the day is long (you can take the girl out of the hood…), we get consumed in other things and find ourselves forgetting to put the marriage first and sometimes we are just downright mean to one another.

The key to our lasting marriage is a lot of love and a lot more God. We pray for this! We don’t leave it to chance, because we know our flesh will fail every time but God never will. I share all of this first to invite you to turn your marriage over to God. In our hands marriage is fragile and easily broken, but his hands protect it from the darts of the enemy. Secondly I share to say, it’s OK if you mess up. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off but never ever give up on your marriage.

He who dwells in the secret place of the Most High, shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.

Psalm 91:1, New King James Version