Christian Marriage Matters The Book has Arrived



I am overly excited and pleased to announce the book is finally here. I have not posted here in some time because I’ve been busy compiling some of our challenge activities and blog posts into a published work. The finished product makes me laugh cry and scream with excitement as it will live on when I am long gone. Talk about Leaving a Legacy of Love.


I want to thank you for your support because you are the inspiration for this new work. I have three requests:

  1. Please get your copy today
  2. Please share with everyone you know so we can create a contagious marriage movement
  3. Don’t forget to continue working on your marriage in order to leave a legacy of love.


The Personal Assistant

The PA


An indicator that one has made It in “The Industry” is that they can afford a personal assistant. The personal assistant is responsible for everything from screening phone calls, managing schedules, booking travel and even picking through M&M’s to remove all except the blue ones. Although this could be seen as a demeaning task the job of the personal assistant is to manage and reduce stress in the life of the individual for whom they work. Fonzworth Bentley was one of the first I remember to make the PA position appealing, and one could even say sexy. He was stylish and confident while taking care of Sean, Puffy, P Diddy’s (or whatever the child’s name is this week) every need.

I also remember watching a PA competition on television and the winner was the one that came with what he called the PA emergency kit. His kit included lotion, oil, mints, gum, candy, brushes, combs, breath spray, dental floss and everything anyone could need to meet, greet and survive a long day.

What if we did this in marriage? What if we got to know our spouse so well that we could anticipate and prepare for our spouse’s every want and need? And what if we made it so seamless it came across as normal?

My challenge to you is this: Take the time to become your spouse’s pseudo personal assistant.  Get to know all of your spouse’s favorite things and keep them on hand whenever he/she wants them. Figure out his favorite chewing gum, her favorite breath mint, the cologne he loves and the hand cream she can’t live without. I know this seems silly, but it is one of the little things I often stress that can make or break a relationship. It’s another little way of showing your spouse that he/she means the world to you. Finally, it’s an easy way to show your spouse you would go out of your way to make his/her day.


Be devoted to one another in love. honor one another above yourselves (Romans 12:10, NIV).



22 Days of Love Day 22 LOVE LETTERS

Day 22 Love Letters

THIS IS IT and YOU MADE IT!!!! We lost many a couple along the way but you are

the best of the best, the cream of the crop, and the top of the top!!!!

Life is short and tomorrow is not promised so today is the greatest of all because you get to let your spouse know just how special they are to you in writing. After losing my dad without getting the chance to say goodbye, I see first hand how important it is to share your love aloud. I realize many of you have written a love letter in Challenge 1, Take II and/or on the blog, but today your gonna do it again and better than ever. Write every good thing you have ever thought about your spouse. Write about the good times and how much you have enjoyed life together. Share your gratefulness, your love and those things that only your spouse will understand. When you have completed this challenge post a short video together on your page saying:
“My Christian Marriage Matters”
and don’t forget to ‪#‎ChristianMarriageMatters‬ and ‪#‎22DaysofLove‬ on your video (and feel free to tag me).

Thank you for participating, and  feel free to share with others.

22 Days of Love Day 19

Day 19 The Cook Off

Today’s Challenge is for each of you to cook the best meal you can muster only using the ingredients in your kitchen. Taste one another’s meal and HONESTLY declare a winner.

(No spiking your spouse’s food with salt or sugar when they’re not looking)

Post the winner and winning meal with the ‪#‎ChristianMarriageMatters‬ and‪#‎22DaysofLove‬

Have fun

Here’s Derrick and Nykia to share the rules

22 Days of Love Day 18

Day 18

THE FINAL DATE NIGHT (of this challenge)


Get dressed up or dressed down. Make this one a date with a purpose. You can add a theme (80’s, Roaring 20’s, Hippie night etc…), be serious, be ultra silly, or just be yourselves. Whatever you do, just have the time of your life with the love of your life.

Also don’t forget to incorporate Date Nights into your regular routine. Whether they happen weekly, bi-weekly or monthly, you need to schedule uninterrupted Quality Time with your Boo.

Don’t forget to share pics below and ‪#‎ChristianMarriageMatters‬ and‪#‎22DaysofLove‬ I am dying to see some pics in this challenge.

22 Days of Love Day 17 “If You Only Knew”

Day 17 If You Only Knew

Today’s topic is “If You Only Knew”.During the day write the things you wish your spouse knew in your journal. Triggers, secrets, dreams, wishes fantasies etc… Those things that hurt you or make you sad and the things that touch your heart or make you happy. Tonight discuss each of your lists together. Share one thing off your list with us in the comments and‪#‎ChristianMarriageMatters‬ and ‪#‎22DaysofLove‬

22 Days of Love Day 15 Bucket Listing



Today’s Challenge is to write your Bucket list. Spend the day dreaming and writing everything you would like to do before you kick the bucket. When you come together share all of the hopes wishes and dreams that are on that list.
Share one or two in the comments with the #ChristianMarriageMatters and #22DaysofLove

Here are Tom and Amy to show you how it’s done.