This Too Shall Pass

This is a saying I heard older people share when we needed to endure a difficult time.

When our boss was so difficult we all wanted to quit, a colleague came to me and said ‘this too shall pass’, adding the principals get shifted around, we the teachers are the foundation. When curriculum is introduced that makes absolutely no sense. Someone would always say ‘this too shall pass’ as we love to buy in to the new hotness but somehow we always fall back to the old faithful of phonics, grammar and basic fact foundation.

Now let’s shift this to marriage, God intended you and your spouse to live this life together ’til death do you part’. He didn’t say it would always be easy but it will always be worth it (obedience always is). When the road gets rocky I need you to get a hold of this saying and remind yourself ‘this too shall pass’
When the arguments seem to take over every conversation: ‘this too shall pass!’
When the money’s not right and it looks like you won’t make it: ‘this too shall pass!’
When he’s working all hours and you haven’t seen one another in weeks: ‘this too shall pass!’
When the kids are trying their best to get you at odds: ‘this too shall pass!’
And when divorce seems imminent and it looks like there’s no point of return scream: ‘THIS TOO SHALL PASS!’

Marriage is not a straight path it’s a roller coaster filled with ups and downs and twists and turns. Plan to ride the roller coaster together laughing when it’s moving so fast that you find your stomach in your throat and trusting God when it’s getting so steep that you can’t see the light of day. I implore you to believe that in your marriage you are more than conquerors and let nothing separate you.


 Blessed is the man who endures temptation; for when he has been approved, he will receive the crown of life which the Lord has promised to those who love Him.

James 1:12, New King James Version


The War Room

Fireproof: Take Two

the war room

So those of you who remember Fireproof was a movement that took over marriages everywhere and helped people see marriage in a different light. People began taking time for one another and actually investing in their relationship. Marriages that were falling apart found new hope and those that were pretty strong found new motivation to get stronger. Well part two is here and hitting theaters on Friday.

I’m calling all Christian married couples to make your way support this Christian film.

We will be going to Loews theater in Homestead, and if they get enough interest they’ll even move it to the front so reserved seating will be available.

We are inviting all Pittsburgh married  couples to join us to see “The War Room” at 8:50 PM at Loews theater in Homestead’s Waterfront (this time may change if interest increases).

Who’s in???

Who: Marrieds Everywhere (but Pittsburgh for those nearby)
What: The War Room
Where: Loews Theater Homestead Waterfront

When: Friday August 28, 2015 at 8:50 PM
Why: Because Your Christian Marriage Matters (and so do Christian films)

Call the theater and inquire please so they’ll see Christian films as a priority.

Your Mission If You Choose To Accept


We spend a lot of time arguing, fussing fighting and tearing one another down. Let’s take a few minutes to build our spouses up instead.


The writing of love letters is truly a lost art. Let’s face it writing period is a lost art, especially with any level of intellectual prowess. We’ve gone from inventive spelling to text speak and then we put these un-words in dictionaries. Crazy I know!

Anyhoo the focus for today is a love letter. Those of you who joined us on the 7 Day Love Challenge may have already attempted this but if not, let’s give it a shot. The love letter is a tangible piece of you. It contains your warm and fuzzy thoughts, and it’s full of positive energy.

Love letters can live on when you are gone and they leave that legacy of love I always speak of. More importantly love letters are great for picking us up when we’re down, reminding us that even in this cold cruel world, somebody out there thinks we are amazing.

So let’s get to it:

Your mission, if you choose to accept (Sorry I couldn’t resist. I still have Mission Impossible on the brain) is to write your spouse a love letter containing nothing but positive, lovey dovey, mushy, wonderfulosity!!! Yeah I said it!

The idea here is to remind your spouse why you love him/her and to share all the positives about your relationship. A good way to start is with lists. These lists are not meant to be work. They are brainstorming phrases, so don’t worry about sentence structure or grammar just jot down what comes to mind.

List everything you love about your spouse. The way she smiles, the way he clenches his jaw, the way she touches your arm when you’re walking together, the way she wears her hair, etc… Then make a list of all the things that make your spouse special. Follow up with a list of why you love him or her and close out with a list of how he/she makes you feel special, loved, admired, etc… Now that you have all of these lists surround them with sentences and voila you have a love letter. Be sure to proofread it just in case you have some crazy gobbledygook of residual brainstorming hanging around. This also assures that you are expressing exactly what you’re feeling.

Most importantly enjoy yourself while writing words of endearment to the love of your life. Realize this is your opportunity to make your spouse smile so take full advantage of it by going all out.

“Pleasant words are as an honeycomb, sweet to the soul, and health to the bones”

(Proverbs 16:24, New King James Version)